Family playground ride

Sorry. This event has come and gone!

How do you roll with young kids? Trailer, trailer bike, handlebar or back seat, or cargo bike?
Let’s meet up at the South Mill Pond playground to talk about riding bikes with kids, then roll over to the Kittery Block party (or another playground, or nap time…)
June 18th
9:00-9:45 at Portsmouth’s South Mill Playground, Junkins Ave
9:45 to the Kittery Block Party.
No kids? Please join us anyway to roll across to Kittery!
Register and waiver here:
Rides are free, SABR is an all-volunteer nonprofit that gratefully accepts donations. Tell your friends about SABR!

Questions? Comments? email SABR at [email protected]. We'll send out an email the day before if the event is canceled due to weather. Follow us on Facebook for last minute info too!